UHC Changes Its Prior Authorization Process for Genetic Testing

Starting Nov. 1, 2017, UHC is requiring a new online notification/prior authorization process for genetic and molecular lab tests for UnitedHealthcare Commercial benefit plan members. These tests may offer treatment options for some patients and UHC wants to support the use of appropriate proven testing, while keeping patient safety a priorityThis means that certain tests will require ordering care providers to request notification/prior authorization through this process before the lab tests can be reimbursed.

The ordering care provider will sign in to Link UHCprovider.com and complete the online notification/prior authorization process for tests included in the Genetic and Molecular Lab Test requirement. Care providers will be able to choose the test and the lab to perform the test, but only if the lab registers their tests for the process. If your request meets UnitedHealthcare’s clinical and coverage guidelines, you’ll get a decision when you submit your request online.



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