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Clinical Outcomes Research

As emerging companies bring services and products to market, Senergene’s team of experts works closely with you to navigate the challenges with payer and provider adoption. Our goal is to demonstrate your service or product value to secure early stage adoption and market access.

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Auditing and Compliance

Senergene’s team of experts work side by side with your organization and providers to audit codes, claims, and processes to assure correct coding compliance and regulations are appropriately integrated into systems to create best practices.

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IT and Administrative Healthcare Staffing

With an increase in the need for healthcare analytics and administrative services, health plans are seeking to obtain the best talent to fulfill immediate projects.

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3Ms: Managed Care, Market Access, & Marketing

As a company committed to improving patient access to quality health care services and therapies, Senergene is a global healthcare firm providing solutions, leadership, and expertise to early stage startup and multi-billion-dollar healthcare, and life science companies.

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From concept to market, Senergene works with each client to develop a customized market access strategy to drive acceptance, support value, and improve patient access. Utilizing our comprehensive analytical tools, we examine what your competitors are doing, and which ones are doing it best.

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Revenue Cycle Management

At Senergene, we recognize the emerging regulatory and reimbursement changes within the healthcare industry. Reimbursement is arguably the most challenging component of billing healthcare services due to payer policies, restricted networks, and declining fee schedules.

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Healthcare Consulting

Looking to understand and adopt new health services, build a new provider network, or develop new medical policies, but not sure where to begin? Need help planning or executing these projects? Let Senergene guide you.

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