Lightfleet Corporation and Senergene Solutions Announce a Strategic Partnership to Commercialize Switchless Technology, Multiflo™

CAMAS, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lightfleet Corporation (“Lightfleet”), developers of innovative hardware and software systems, and Senergene Solutions (“Senergene”), a global healthcare company, announced that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership to commercialize Lightfleet’s revolutionary switch-less networking systems, Multiflo™. John Peers, Lightfleet’s President, and CEO states, “This partnership builds upon the strengths of both organizations.”

Senergene, specializing in the commercialization of novel products, services, and technologies within the healthcare industry, will be Lightfleet’s official strategic partner to engage clients with Lightfleet’s revolutionary technology.

Jacqueline Threadgill, the CEO of Senergene, says, “Senergene brings deep expertise and a rich understanding of the healthcare market for Lightfleet’s solutions. Multiflo™ addresses key challenges plaguing today’s security and high-performance networks.”

The rapid adoption of data transformation and security is currently at the forefront for most payors, hospitals, health systems, diagnostic laboratories, biotech companies, and healthcare providers. According to the Department of Health and Human Services’ HIPAA Breach Reporting Tool, 713 major data breaches affected more than 45.7 million individuals in 2021. Most healthcare data breaches in the United States occur due to hacking or IT-related incidents. IBM Security published its “2021 Cost of a Data Breach Report,” which cited that healthcare data breaches are an average cost of $9.42 million per incident.

Lightfleet’s Multiflo™, provides an improved approach to computer networking. It mitigates data breaches by providing a hardware solution that does not include network software in host computers and switches that is the primary contributor to hacking and data corruption during transfers. Multiflo™ provides reliable data transfers that do not lose packets and are secure from common network hacking.

Multiflo™ systems are smaller, reducing system footprint and improving performance, creating a revolutionary alternative to current systems, without software overhead that causes networks to become congested.

With Multiflo™, data flows from source(s) to destination(s) without the need for traditional network switches, solving a fundamental problem that has limited the performance of processor architectures in data-intensive applications.

Lightfleet’s new Multiflo™ network fabric helps ensure HIPAA compliance and confidential patient information requirements are met, achieving greater system efficiency overall.


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