HCCI, Blue Health Intelligence to partner, share claims data

On November 12th, 2019, Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) and the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) announced the forming of a multiyear data partnership.


Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association focused in technology. BHI works with all types of healthcare organizations to improve quality, reduce costs, optimize performance, and drive innovation using data and analytics. BHI has access to the most expansive healthcare database of integrated medical and pharmacy claims, which is valuable in promoting high-quality healthcare coverage. With predictive analytics, BHI can identify patient risk factors for rare conditions, build predictive models, support care management, and determine effective disease management programs.


BHI’s new partner, the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI), is an independent, non-profit organization with leading health care claims datasets that enable research, policy and journalism. HCCI also focuses on using data and analytics to improve healthcare quality, specifically by increasing transparency, access to claims data, and understandability of information. The company also focuses on enabling a better understanding of drivers of healthcare costs among all healthcare stakeholders as well as the general public. HCCI currently holds claims data for approximately 100 million lives.


By partnering, HCCI will have access to the BHI database on the commercially insured insurance market. HCCI will use this information to conduct research into healthcare costs and identify solutions. It should be noted that the data provided to HCCI will be free from any identifying information on plan members or employers, thereby abiding by HIPAA regulations.


Ultimately, through BHI adding their data to HCCI’s repository, more exact research on healthcare costs will be conducted, yielding better solutions.


To learn more, visit the following link: https://www.fiercehealthcare.com/payer/hcci-blue-health-intelligence-to-partner-share-claims-data


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